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Absolute Pest Control

Proudly protecting valley homes and businesses since 1996


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A Bit About Us

Our Background

Since 1996, we at Absolute Pest Control have offered quality service to customers by providing them with the professional care they deserve, treating each home as if it were our own. Our top priority is the health, safety and well-being of our customers, their families, pets, homes, businesses and our environment. We achieve this both in overall pest management and with the responsible manner in which we carry out our service.  Get in touch today to learn more about our services.

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Take Back Your Yard

In2Care Mosquito System brought to you by Absolute Pest Control. Cutting edge scientific approach to managing mosquitos. The In2Care trap uses the mosquitos natural tendencies to eliminate breeding areas throughout your yard effectively and safely.

Enjoy the outdoors again starting at $22 per month

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Professional Services

Meeting Your Needs

Absolute Pest Control is dedicated to providing high quality services to the Fresno area. Take a look below to find out what we specialize in, and get in touch with any additional questions or to learn more.

General Pest Control

Offering monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and one time service with no start up fee. Included in service is external treatment, web removal, garage upon request and internal treatment at start up and if ever necessary. Service done right and guaranteed.


Mosquito Treatment

We proudly offer the In2Care mosquito system as a stand alone mosquito management service or in conjunction with traditional or organic green yard treatment.

Organic Green Option Available

Products derived from natural sources designed to be effective against undesired pests.

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Rodent Control

We offer both trapping and baiting options as part of overall rodent control.

Contact us today for pricing and more details about the services we offer.

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Puddles are for play

not to spray

we care about the safety of people, pets and the environment. That is why when rain is in the forecast we change our approach. We either reschedule or use products specifically designed to be effective and safe for rainy conditions.

Absolute Pest Control is a proud member of the Clean Stormwater Partners initiative—a campaign by the Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District to encourage safe, effective pesticide use while preventing pyrethroid chemical pollution in local waterways.

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Mosquito tips

  • Eliminate standing water in and around your home. Look for items that hold water, such as tires, buckets, planters, toys, flowerpots, trash containers, rain gutters. Check in and outside of your home.

  • Don’t over water your yard. 

  • Keep bushes and plants well maintained (avoid “overgrown” shrubs etc.)

  • Cover your yard drains with a piece of window screen.

  • Use screens on windows and doors. Make sure they are in good condition – repair holes or replace screens that are damaged.

  • Keep pets water bowls clean and dump them out every night(even if the bowls are inside).

  • Remove plants and other items located outside home entrances, to help keep mosquitos out of the house.

  • Consider planting Peppermint, Rosemary, Marigolds, Citronella, Lavender (there are others!) Mosquitos don’t like these plants.

  • Hang Hummingbird feeders along with plants that attract them such as Bee Balm, Cardinal, Pink Currant, Black Sage, Hummingbird Sage, Monkey Flower, California Fuchesia – mosquitos are part of the Hummingbirds diet!

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Rodent tips

  • Keep trees trimmed back away from the house

  • Don't allow branches to come in contact with the roof

  • Keep shrubs and bushes trimmed up off the ground and from touching fences or the house as that creates harborage - a rodent highway 

  • Pick up any fallen fruit from trees - no need to offer them a free meal

  • Don't leave pet food or water in bowls left out over night

  • Keep all pet food in a sealed container

  • Check to make sure all vents around the house are intact 

  • If you find a small hole that you think allows access a temporary fix is to fill it with steel wool

  • Bird seed feeders often bring along unintended rodent visitors

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Brittnee G

We have used Absolute Pest Control's services for years. Their entire team is so friendly, responsive, and really keeps you in the loop as to their service schedule which I appreciate. They are great with our outdoor dogs too, which typically is a problem with other services/yard work etc. 

This spring we used their new mosquito control service, In2Care is what I believe it's called. It is an extra service for mosquito abatement and it was worth every penny. Last year I wasn't even able to enjoy our yard because if I was outside for more than 5 minutes I would be covered in mosquito bites. This year we maybe saw five mosquitos all season. Huge huge huge improvement.

We just recently purchased a new home and Mike did an above and beyond job walking the property before our first service to identify any issues we should be aware of. Eric did a great job killing all of the black widows and other pests and cleaning up the exterior of our new home. It made a huge visual difference and we are much more comfortable moving in. I highly recommend reaching out to them for any pest control needs. Particularly the mosquito system come spring!

Jonathan F

Extremely knowledgeable! Solved my spider issues at my very first home 15 years ago, and continue to impress by solving my mosquito problems this summer! Highly recommend! Absolute takes a multi pronged approach by advising me on what I can do on my own to help improve the effectiveness of their treatments with small items I can correct myself. I feel like they treat my home like they would treat their own, and my family appreciates it. Great value! Much more than just another drive by spray business, they help solve problems!

*We hate to lose a customer, but when we do it's nice to know they felt they were in good hands.

Carmen & Jerome S.

We have been your customers since we moved in our home 17 yrs ago. Mike was the person I worked with. I was pregnant with our only child Brianna. We are sorry to have to cancel our service effective April 2020. Thank you all of your care through the years. I will forward your info to hopeful the new home owners when our house sells. 

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 Absolute Pest Control

We are a locally owned and family operated business and our mission at Absolute Pest Control is simple: to provide high-quality service for our valued customers and to treat each one like they are a part of the family.

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